Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Tech Tuesday - New Excel Template (Again)

Hey everyone, I have some great news from our services manager Chris Dew involving our Excel templates again. I made a post a while back on them but we held off on releasing anything until we were able to add a couple more features to it that we think everyone will really be able to make use of:

We are very excited to finally release our new Excel GL Templates for SmartConnect! We had three major goals for this release:
  1. Remove the reliance on SOAP
  2. Prevent Data Entry errors
  3. Configurable without coding

The past templates have had a reliance on the Microsoft SOAP SDK that was used for calling the SmartConnect webservice from VBA. Microsoft has discontinued this support a long time ago and with this new release we can now simplify the install process of the templates to just copying the Excel sheet where you need on the network. This also allows us to support 64-bit environments for Office.

One of the largest uses of the Excel templates is copying data from other sheets. Excel will often display only two decimal places but behind the scenes there could be 15 decimal places and oftentimes rounding errors would occur in larger journal entries. We have added logic to handle that rounding for you so copy and paste away!

I think my favorite new feature to report is the easy configuration of the new template. You can now dynamically change the amount of rows without changing any of the code. Also, we locked the totaling row for the debits and credits so you can always see the balance. This was one of the most common customizations we did for our partners and customers and now you won’t need us anymore!

We have locked down the code in the template to ensure the delivery of the solution. Additionally, we updated the documentation for the template. If you would like to add some additional functionality to the template please feel free to contact me (chris.dew@eonesolutions.com) and our services team can help you design a custom template.

As always, we welcome your feedback. We have plans to roll out a lot of these changes to the other 11 templates available today (over the next couple of months) and may release a generic template that is unlocked as well. Please let us know if you have additional ideas for new templates or features.


Chris Dew


BrianG said...

Where can we download it from? When I access the download section it has from March.

myDiscGolf.com said...


We replace that download with the new template. It is the correct one.


BrianG said...

Looks pretty good. I like the easier way to increase the number of rows and the archive path :)

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